Atlantic Empires & Globalization

Welcome to Cities of Atlantic Empires webpage. This is a collaborative history project developed by William and Mary students. The site offers information on economic, social, political, gender, and cultural history of cities that were hot spots of transimperial and transnational interactions in the Atlantic World. During the early modern period, cities were crucial hubs for commerce, cross-cultural trade, trans-oceanic routes, networks of information, and centers of political activity. The present website offers a wealth on information on different aspects of urban centers that were hot spots of early modern globalization in the Atlantic World.

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  1. mpmcfarland says:

    This website is well put together and it serves its purpose admirably. The links to the sub-pages are functional and the grey/black contrasting coloration is helpful. I like the the introductory paragraph – the language used is professional and puts the reader into a mindset prepared to absorb the depth of information available on the sub-sites.

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